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2009-2010 Catalog

The 2009-2010 Catalog is available in PDF which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This catalog is printed to provide information about the academic programs of Tarleton State University to students, prospective students, faculty, and staff of the University. While every effort has been made to make this catalog as complete and accurate as possible, changes may occur at any time in requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, and courses listed in this catalog.

This catalog was prepared in advance of its effective date; therefore, academic programs and course descriptions may vary from actual program requirements and course content. Thus, the contents of the catalog cannot be considered an agreement or contract between individual students and the University.

The Tarleton State University Schedule of Classes is published for each semester and summer term and is available upon request from the Office of School Relations. Students should refer to the Schedule of Classes for the offerings in any given semester. For administrative reasons, because of insufficient enrollment or limited resources, a given course may not be offered in the announced semester.