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Dr. Randy Harp

My primary research interests are related to the growth and development of meat animals. A secondary interest includes food safety and meat science. These areas may include beef, swine, sheep or goats. I work with both graduate and undergraduate students in these efforts. The primary focus of the research utilizes the use of feed supplementation as it relates to growth, development and subsequent carcass characteristics. Furthermore, I have assisted students to observe various methods or strategies to intervene potential food safety issues. Along with food safety, students have studied factors that dictate varying levels of tenderness in pork muscle. A third area has been to explore characteristics for why students attend a specific university/college.

Dr. Barry Lambert

My research interests are related to improving the efficiency of nutrient use in ruminant animals. Projects in my laboratory have had two focus areas. The first involves developing strategies to decrease excessive dietary nutrient losses from livestock operations without sacrificing animal performance. This can be accomplished by increasing the efficiency of use of absorbed nutrients or formulating diets that more closely match the nutrient requirements of livestock. The second area of research that students have undertaken in my lab involves developing supplementation strategies to improve efficiency of forage use in ruminant animals. I enjoy working with both graduate and undergraduate students on research projects.