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Meat Judging Team

meats judging team trophies

Meats Team

Meat Judging was initiated at Tarleton State University dating back to 1981.  Since its introduction, Tarleton has continued their efforts to remain a prominent competitor as evident through the numerous years of participation often culminating the year with an A-Division championship.  This activity is not only an experience of traveling across the United States to various processing facilities, but an aid in the development of the student participant.  The skills often sought highly within the workplace (multi-tasking, critical thinking, and communication) are further enhanced outside of the classroom of a college student at activities such as meat judging contests, workshops, and conferences serving as an ambassador to the agriculture community.  TSU Meat Judging has frequently provided assistance to students with industry contacts for improved teaching and research possibilities and a means to bind the leadership and communications skills needed for a future within Production Agriculture.  Students interested in participating on the TSU Meat Judging Team require no previous experience.  Classes and outside instruction begin the training period during the fall semester while attending several practice sessions at the TSU Meat Lab.  The Meat Judging Team at Tarleton participates in four to six contests throughout the year (National Western, Denver; Southwestern, Dallas; High Plains, Plainview; and American Royal, Omaha) through the support of TSU Student Service Fees, fundraisers', and donations to the Meat Judging Program. 

2010-2011 TSU Meats Judging Team

2010-2011 TSU Meat Judging Team Members

2010-2011 TSU Meat Judging Team Members