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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The baccalaureate degree programs in the Department of Accounting Finance and Economics provide a broad-based education in the foundation disciplines of the liberal arts and the sciences and a focused development of business knowledge. Each major has a set of required courses and electives that students may choose to enrich their degree programs as well as business core requirements designed to provide a common set of business competencies. The students are given courses designed to help them take professional certifications in their area of degree like CPA, CFP etc. All departmental programs are designed to prepare students to meet the demands of today’s challenging and competitive workforce and for entrance into graduate school.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting

The primary mission of the BBA program in Accounting is to provide a high-quality, innovative, and relevant education that prepares graduates for successful careers in public accounting, industry accounting, or accounting for governmental or not-for-profit organizations.

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration – Economics

The Mission of the Program of Economics at Tarleton State University is to help students develop an understanding of economic principles and their applications to real world problems. The program provides challenging learning experiences to students as well as faculty members. Students have the opportunity to choose from several degree options to prepare for their future careers in economics

Bachelor of Business Administration –Finance

Our mission is to provide an academically sound and timely curriculum so that students are prepared to be effective managers of financial resources in all areas of business finance in both domestic and global arenas

Course Rotations