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A cohesive stationery system includes letterhead, envelopes and business cards. In many cases, these materials are the first impression of Tarleton and constitute a key component to the University’s marketing efforts. So, please keep in mind that only university-approved stationery with the new logo may be used to represent Tarleton employees.

You Have Options

You decide what works best for you. Your options include design choices, as well as, a choice between using commercial printing versus your own printing.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:


The letterhead design is standardized to promote consistency, yet it also offers a way for units, colleges, departments and organizations to include their contact information within the design footer. Please keep in mind, there should be no departmental logos on University letterhead.


In compliance with postal regulations, the return address and graphic does not exceed more than 50 percent of the horizontal envelope length. Additionally, please be sure your address block does not intrude into the the bottom half-inch of the envelope. The envelopes available through Staples/Summus and the digital stationery templates are #10 business-sized envelopes.

Business Cards

For consistency, image and branding purposes, all university business cards must conform to the formats provided and may not carry department-specific logos.


Commercial Printing

You may choose to order all your stationery needs online. We have two options available for commercial printing — Marfield Corporate Stationery or Staples/Summus.

Marfield Corporate Stationery

For instructions on the online ordering process, please access:

To order, please access:


For instructions on the online ordering process, please access:

To order, please access:

Print Your Own

You may also choose to print your own letterhead and envelopes by downloading our digital stationery templates.  

Note: You must use your University credentials including your username and password to log in and retrieve the templates.

The letterhead and #10 business envelopes are available in both black and white and black and purple. 

To download, please access: