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1.  Excellence in Student Learning 

We will continue to make student learning our highest priority by providing students an outstanding teaching faculty and challenging academic programs in a personalized, supportive environment, and by our commitment to continuous improvement of learning through assessment of student learning outcomes.

2.  Academic Standards 

To provide a culture of excellence for our students, we will strengthen, nourish and articulate our academic standards and greater expectations of students.  By employing effective and established pedagogies such as lecture/discussion; inquiry based, active learning; undergraduate and graduate research; collaborative learning; learning communities, technology mediated learning, international education, writing to learning and service learning; we will communicate to students the critical importance of their active engagement in and responsibility for learning; our high/positive expectations of them in and beyond the classroom; our commitment to standards in the assignment of course grades and academic awards; the importance of academic honesty and integrity in the university; and the development of a keen appreciation for both the intrinsic and extrinsic values in learning.

3.  Scholarship 

We will encourage, support and promote scholarly endeavors and research opportunities for faculty, undergraduate students and graduate students in order to enhance teaching and learning and enrich the academic culture.

4.  Diversity and Access 

We will increase, support and celebrate diversity among faculty, students, staff and curriculum by incorporating a variety of enriching experiences and opportunities such as the pathways project, international education and study abroad, and other mechanisms of preparing our students to be leaders in the Texas of tomorrow. We will actively recruit, retain and graduate a larger, more diverse student body through a variety of initiatives including off-campus and outreach initiatives, Go Centers and others, thereby better serving the needs of our students, our graduates, our state and the nation.

5Faculty and Staff Development and Enrichment 

We will encourage and promote multiple channels of faculty/staff support in such areas as salary and benefits; professional development in teaching, service, research and scholarship; and special awards, honors and recognition of outstanding faculty and staff achievement.

6.  Instructional Technology 

We will pursue, develop and encourage the appropriate use of technology to support, enhance, and extend, learning while equipping students with the necessary skills to become life-long learners in the information age.

7.  Curriculum Development and Assessment 

Utilizing a faculty centered curriculum development process, we will develop and utilize data based program evaluation that leads to continuous review and improvement of the core (general education) curriculum as well as the academic major, and in doing so, provide mechanisms for identifying, recognizing and supporting programs of excellence throughout the division.

8.  Resource Enhancement 

In cooperation with other relevant university offices, the Office of the President, Vice President for University Advancement and Associate Vice President for Academic Research and Grants in particular, the Academic Affairs Division will significantly increase efforts to acquire external funds for academic programs and research at the university.