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Clubs/ Teams

Agricultural Resources Organization

For students with an interest in agronomy or range science.

Contact: Dr. Donald McGahan

Tarleton Turf Grass Society

This society is no longer accepting new turf grass majors.

Contact: Dr. Hennen Cummings

Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Contact: Dr. Jeff Breeden or Dr. T. Wayne Schwertner

Entomology Club

For students interested in Entomology.

Contact: Dr. David Kattes

Intercollegiate Plant Team

Contact: Dr. Roger Wittie

Student Research

Elizabeth Casey

Ms. Casey presented a paper titled Domesticating Native Herbaceous Legumes for the Great Plains, USA at the Bydgoszcz Poland IVth International Scientific Symposium of PhD Students and Students of Agricultural Colleges in September of 2013. Her M.S. thesis research focuses on testing the effects of different seedbed preparation methods on the weed mitigation and N performance of perennial legume living mulch in two types of cereal grass. Her committee includes Dr. James P. Muir, Dr. Barry Lambert, and Dr. David Kattes.

Jetton Fontenot

Mr. Fontenot presented a paper titled Determining the Effect of Terracing on Soil Health Using Microbial Bioindicators at the Bydgoszcz Poland IVth International Scientific Symposium of PhD Students and Students of Agricultural Colleges in September of 2013.

Tiana Blackmon

Ms. Blackmon was recently recognized by the Texas Section Society for Range Management as the outstanding senior from Tarleton State University. Tiana is completing degree requirements under a 4+1 accelerated BS to MS program. Her research examines the influence of insect herbivoryon condensed tannin concentration in native legumes. She is working under Drs. Barry Lambert and James Muir.

Kelsey Griffin

Thesis Title: Evaluation of the 20-year old Wildlife Conservation Camp: What are the long-term effects on campers?

Sean Clawson

Thesis Title: Fruit Bat Habitat Selection in a Reserve/Agriculture Matrix.

Jacqueline Glass

Thesis Title: Spatial and temporal distribution of Otobius megnini, and hard ticks (Ixodidae) at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Kate Howard

Thesis Title: Habitat Selection in Black-shouldered Kites (Elanus caeruleus) in Agroecosystems of Swaziland.

Chelsea Holcomb

Ms. Holcomb is examining the influence of condensed tannins in manures on the growth and development of Scarab beetles, specifically green June beetle (Cotinus nitida) and dung beetle (Orthophagus gazella). Green June beetles are a pest of various agricultural crops while the dung beetles are beneficial insects. Results of the study may suggest methods for the use of condensed tannins as a biocontrol agent.

Robert Rosario

Mr. Rosario is examining the development, yield, and nutritional quality of 35 rescuegrass (Bromus cartharticus) ecotypes collected from across Texas. Additionally, his work will compare Texas ecotypes to rescue grasses from South America. Results of his work may produce recommendations for the use of rescue grass as a forage type as well as determine the degree of genetic divergence of naturalized ecotypes from the original parent lines.

Jake Cole

Mr. Cole is conducting a botanical inventory of parklands managed by the City of Mansfield. Jake's work will focus on a parkland corridor recently acquired by the city that will become a nature and outreach education facility. While completing the inventory, Jake will describe transitional boundaries influencing the distribution of plant materials on the property.


Spring 2015 semester ends May 4,2015

Spring 2015 semester begins January 12,2015