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Take the CLMP via proctor

What is a proctor?

A proctored exam is one that is supervised by an approved person.

How do I find an approved proctor?

All proctors must be approved by The Center for Access and Academic Testing (CAAT - Testing) prior to any testing appointment.

When seeking a proctor please look at the list below, a proctor must be one of the following:

  • Testing administrator at a testing office of a college or university
  • Credentialed guidance or school counselor
  • A professional testing center such as Prometric
  • Certified librarian at a school or public library
  • Military education services officer

Prohibited proctors are: friends, relatives, co-workers, supervisors(no matter what their position or rank), may not serve as a proctor. Persons currently employed in another office other than CAAT - Testing or enrolled in a Tarleton State University will not be allowed to proctor other TSU students.

  • The AMP is a free test to the student & there are some proctors that usually will supervise exams without charge. However, if any charges are involved, payment will be the responsibility of the student.

The necessary steps for taking a proctored exam are outlined below:

  1. Submit a completed and signed CLMP proctor information form to The Center for Access and Academic Testing one week prior to the examination appointment.
  2. In the event that the proctor submitted is not suitable or approved, or cannot be contacted by the CAAT - Testing office, you will be notified to find a replacement.
  3. Once proctor is approved the exam information will be sent to the proctor.
  4. Plan to arrive at the testing location at least fifteen minutes before the appointment time set for the exam. Remember to bring a PHOTO ID needed for check-in.
  5. Upon completing the exam, the proctor will notify CAAT - Testing that the exam has been completed.

Click on the link to read, understand and print a copy of the "Proctor request form for an College Level Math Placement".