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Volunteer Information

Student organizations receive the following when they volunteer for TAT:

  • Community service hours
  • satisfaction to help reinforce the “Don’t drink and Drive” message
  • satisfaction of saving lives and making our community safer

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What does our group need in order to volunteer?
  • Capacity to have some fun!
  • You will need at least 8 members for each night (2 drivers, 2 navigators, 2 Ducks and 2 Dispatchers).
  • Each van will need one male and one female (driver-navigator team).
  • Drivers need to meet minimum requirements (see below)
What are the requirements for drivers?
  • Drivers must complete Defensive Driver training class (if you need to take the class, call Stan Swam in Employee Services, at 968-9592 or must be at least 18 yrs.
  • There is NO age requirement for Navigators, Ducks, and Dispatchers.
Can I partner with another group?

Yes!  Your group may choose to partner with another student organization.  Some groups choose to partner because they do not have enough members who meet the minimum requirements to be drivers.  Some groups partner because they do not have enough members to meet the necessary female-male ratio.  Some partner just because they like hanging out together!

What about Insurance and Liability?

TAT has purchased Full Damage Waiver (DW), Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLP), and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), through our contract with Enterprise.  This means that TAT is covered for any accident related damage to the rented vehicle, to you as TAT volunteers, and to passengers.  It also medically covers third parties in the case of an accident.  TAT is committed to make every effort to help ensure the safety of every volunteer.  In order for insurance and liability coverage to be assured, TAT must adhere strictly to contract rules.  Here are examples of some rules that we discuss in the training:

  • Each driver must be authorized.
  • Carry only as many passengers as there are seat belts provided in the van.  To add more passengers would be a breach of contract and negate coverage of insurance provided.
  • Everyone must be a member of TAT, as submitted in the sign-up lists
Training for all volunteers

All volunteers will go through training to help them become familiar with TAT operations, insurance information and safety procedures.  Below are some training issues that we cover.  Training is scheduled with each student group separately.

Some Training and Operation Procedures
  • Director in Charge or Dispatcher call Control Center (968-9265) to report beginning of operation.  Then call at end of shift to report end of operation.
  • All volunteers (including dispatchers) wear TAT shirts when on duty.  tat shirts must be returned at the end of the night.
  • Make sure everyone fills out the appropriate forms:
  • Discuss safety and accident procedures
  • Navigators call Headquarters when they start and end a ride.
  • At end of shift, all drivers, navigators, ducks and dispatchers return to Headquarters for brief feedback session and to assure all participants and vans are accounted for.
  • At end of shift, Dispatcher/DIC fills out the “Nightly Director Reports” and puts it in the “TAT Reports” folder.
How do I sign up?

To sign up, come to our tat member meeting, Tuesdays at 6pm in the student center room 219. 

Do I have to be in a group to volunteer for TAT?

No!  We welcome anyone to volunteer!  Come by our member meeting Tuesdays at 6pm, student center room 219, and sign up to work. 

If you need community service hours to meet requirements set by the Office of Dean of Student Life, or a municipal judge, please see the Community Service page for more information.

Thank you for volunteering for TAT!

TAT...we are helping save lives!