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Mission and Purpose

What is TAT?
  • TAT provides safe, free rides to Tarleton State University students.
  • TAT is a student organization run by 11 student executives.
  • TAT executives do not get paid, they are volunteers.
  • TAT does not take patrons to a bar or party. TAT only provides rides home.
  • TAT drivers do not use their own cars—TAT uses rental cars.
  • TAT does not record any personal information of patrons.
  • TAT does not turn in underage drinkers to the police.
  • TAT is not above the law. All traffic laws are strictly enforced.
  • TAT drivers are Tarleton students from various student organizations. That way as many student organizations as possible have a chance to volunteer in TAT!
  • TAT does not preach religious beliefs to passengers. TAT is non-judgmental.
  • TAT does not give rides only to those that are intoxicated. We give rides to anyone who may have been drinking, or in need of a ride home.
Mission Statement

TAT will provide a safe and reliable service, free of charge, to Tarleton State University students, within the Stephenville community, who are impaired, intoxicated, unable to drive, or otherwise choose not to drive due to other circumstances.


The primary goal of TAT is to decrease the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol in the Stephenville community. TAT strives to establish a beneficial program that is rewarding to both its users and its members.

Stance on Alcohol

TAT believes that it is a student’s choice whether or not to drink; we hope students will drink responsibly and never drive while intoxicated

Existing Programs

TAT is a program based upon the success of similarly established programs found across the nation. The programs/schools below have provided consultative assistance and have programs currently in place.

TAT developed from the Texas A&M CARPOOL program and the Texas State SWAT program.