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Community Service Information

All Tarleton students can get community service by participating in TAT!  Usually, this is about 3 hours per night (from 10:00PM to 1:00AM).  If you have been referred through the Office of Dean of Student Affairs, or through a judge/Justice of the Peace, you will need to meet with the Graduate Assistant for Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention (call 254-968-9329 to make an appointment).

Before your service hours can be official, the coordinator will also need to sign your community service form to substantiate your hours.  You can get as many hours as you want, but remember that TAT does not operate during university breaks, holidays, and during the summer, so plan accordingly.  Also, remember to be on time for the nights that you plan to volunteer (typically, on Tuesday and Thursday nights, at 10:00PM in the TAT office).  Driving, Navigator, Duck and Dispatcher duties are assigned at about 10:30PM.  If you are late, you may not get an assignment for the night and will, therefore, not be able to work that night.  To be eligible to work in TAT, you must receive a specific assignment.