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Texan Star Dance Team

Texan Stars

2014 Texan Stars

Texan Star Dance Team

For over 40 years the Texan Stars Dance Team has been an integral part of Tarleton State University and one of the most recognized student organizations on campus. The Stars were formed in the spring of 1974, and the precision dance team has had a tradition of excellence and perfection ever since.

The Texan Stars Dance Team is active throughout the entire school year. During the fall semester the Texan Stars perform at halftimes of all Tarleton home football games. Also, the Texan Stars perform for those in attendance at the Traditions Rally, "Midnight Madness", pep rallies, and many of the homecoming activities.  Additionally, the Texan Stars continue their support for the Texans and TexAnns by attending and performing at home basketball games.

Spring events include ADTS Championship in Denton, Texas and NDA Nationals in Daytona, Florida.  The Texan Stars Dance team won the title of Collegiate Champions at the American Dance and Drill Team Collegiate Competition in 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.  The team has placed third academically at ADTS in the past years.  The Stars placed second at NDA Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida in 2008 and 2009.  In the Spring 2010, the Stars placed sixth and Spring 2012 8th in Hip Hop(first time to enter category).  The Stars ended the 2013 season with a 7th place finish in Team Dance performance at the NDA nationals(which put the team back in finals).

The Texan Stars are considered an athletic team and must abide by the same regulations as the other recognized sports teams. Scholarships can be awarded to a dance member.  In addition to scholarships, the Texan Stars also receive two hours physical education credit, which is transferable and applicable to most degree plans.  The Texan Stars Dance Team has two squads within the organization(started 2013), a Purple Squad and a White Squad.  The Purple Squad(14-18 members) is the main squad you will see performing during games.  The White Squad(8-12 members) will be the training squad for the organization(a select few will earn a spot to dance on the Purple Squad). 

The Texan Stars are coached by Leticia Ryan-Carr. Tryouts for the team are conducted during the Spring semester(late April/early May). For more information check out the tryout information.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 27 Tryout Workshop-Canceled due to Inclement Weather

Feb 28 Basketball Game           

April 24 Tryout Workshop 

March 21 American Collegiate Championship

April 8-12 Nationals

May 1 Tryout Workshop

May 22 Tryout Workshop

May 23 & 24  Tryouts for Fall 2015