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January 2015 - President's Annual Planning Retreat

President Dottavio and the Executive Cabinet will present the University Leadership with an update on strategic plan activities.  Each goal will be assessed within the context of the changing environmental conditions described in Unsettling Times: Higher Education in an Era of Change.  Discussions will focus on how factors like competition, technology, revenue, accountability, etc. impact our strategies and objectives.

Opening remarks from President Dottavio at the January 2015 Planning Retreat

January 2014 - President's Annual Planning Retreat

Dr. Patrick Sanaghan will be back on campus to prepare us for alignment and implementation of the new strategic plan, Tarleton 2020: Student Focused – Value Driven.  This annual event provides an opportunity for university leadership to meet and discuss strategic direction for all units within the university.

Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio's opening remarks at the President's Annual Planning Retreat.

July / August 2013 - Town Hall Meetings

Email: July 23, 2013 Town Hall Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to submit to you the attached review draft of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  The release of this draft to the campus community marks yet another milestone toward the conclusion of our next strategic plan.

 This draft will be the focus of the two town hall-type panel discussions on Wednesday, July 31st 3:30 – 5 pm or Thursday, August 1st 8:30 – 10 am in Nursing 108/109.  

The Vice Presidents, UPC co-chairs Donna Savage and Javier Garza, and I will serve as panel members during these meetings and we look forward to hosting you.  The discussions will provide members of the Tarleton family an opportunity to ask questions about and provide final input on the 2015-2020 strategic plan.  If you cannot

attend one of the sessions next week, you are welcome to send comments to Donna or Javier by Friday, August 2nd

In June, the Executive Cabinet met to conduct a final review of the objectives and strategies provided by

Town Hall Meeting

the UPC and Council of Chairs.  Since that time, the Executive Cabinet has identified "Strategy Leaders" to review the plan and to make suggestions for measurements for each strategy.

Again, I would like to thank all of you who have dedicated time and effort to this process, especially Donna and Javier.  This plan is special for many reasons, but most importantly because it has been developed in such an organic manner with input from across the university community.  


F. Dominic Dottavio, Ph.D.

January 2013 - Goals Retreat

January 2013 Retreat

Dr. Pat Sanaghan returns to lead this Goals Conference. Dr. Sanaghan will guide participants through the development of strategic goals using data collected over the last 4 months from Tarleton stakeholders.  In the afternoon, he will facilitate work to develop objectives and measurements.

January 2013 RetreatJanuary 2013 Retreat

October 2012 - Planning Retreat

Dr. Sanaghan is the president of The Sanaghan Group, an organizational firm specializing in leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning, and leadership transitions. Pat has worked with more than 100 campuses and hundreds of organizations in the past 25 years. He has taught leadership to thousands of leaders in higher education, and has helped dozens of campuses conduct collaborative, transparent strategic planning processes.

He is the coauthor or author of five books, numerous articles, and several monographs in the fields of strategic planning, leadership, and change management. His most recent book, Collaborative Leadership in Action, was published in 2011, and his next book, How to Actually Build an Exceptional Team, will be published in the fall of 2012.

January 2012 - Presidential Leadership Retreat

In the Ballrooms for the Retreat
Opening remarks from President Dottavio, Jan 11, 2012

Retreat Materials