Sample Comprehensive Examination

Essay Questions


        Trace the flow of legal authority for public education. Start with the U.S. Constitution and end with the classroom.


        Explain a legally defensible process for searching a student's locker for illegal contraband.


        Explain the major differences between special education requirements and Section 504 requirements.


        Under what conditions may a school district abridge the freedom rights of public school teachers? Be sure to explain the differences between speech on matters of a public concern and speech on matters of a private concern.


        To what extent can school officials make school children available for religious instruction? Can school facilities be used? What role does the Equal Access Act play in the use of school facilities by religious groups?


        When can a prayer be recited at a school activity or school function? Why did the U.S. Supreme Court strike down the policy of a Texas school that provided for prayer before a football game?


        Develop a timeline for the procedures for hearing a code of ethics complaint at the state level. The timeline should start with the initial complaint and end with the final dispensation by the SBEC.


        How should a school administrator handle a situation where Gideons want to distribute copies of the Bible to students on the school grounds?


        When lifting the extra-curricular suspension of a student, who failed an advanced class, what should be taken into consideration?


        After reading the TEC, why do you think that no Home-rule Charters have been granted and numerous Open Enrollment Charters have been granted?


        Some schools have policies that require teachers to report suspected abuse or neglect to an administrator or other school official. Does this violate state law? Does such a policy absolve the teacher from liability as it pertains to reporting the suspected abuse or neglect?