Dr. Linda Schultz

Hello.  Welcome to Dr. Linda Schultz's Home Page.  I am a Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry,Geosciences,and Physics at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas.  My office is in Room 407 of the New Science Building.  My office phone number is (254)968-9143, and my e-mail address is schultz@tarleton.edu.  However, I actually live in Brownwood, which is about 60 miles south of Stephenville, so you may have better luck reaching me on my mobile phone at (325)642-0490 or at home (late) at (325)643-1384.  I do not mind calls at home or on the road, but these are toll calls from Stephenville, so you might be better off to use the e-mail if you need to leave a message for me.

On the personal front, I live on a farm with my husband Mike and we raise Arabian horses.  We also have a dog, a goat, and about a million cats.  Our daughter, Michele, and our son, Steven, are both Chemistry graduates of Tarleton.

I teach the following courses, and have attached the most recent syllabi and schedules.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you wish further information. (always under construction)

Courses Taught at Tarleton State University:

Introductory Chemistry I (CHEM 1405)

College Chemistry I (CHEM 1411)

College Chemistry II (CHEM 1412)

Quantitative Analysis (CHEM 3407)

Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 5310)

Please read the Tarleton State University Core Values Statement. It applies to all course taught at Tarleton State University.


Public Schools, Wichita Falls, Texas
     Graduated - Rider High School (1964)

B.A. Chemistry Southern Methodist University (l967)

M.S. Chemistry Southern Methodist University (l97l)
          Thesis:"Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Ion Exchange and Chelating Properties of a Chelating Ion Exchange Resin with Manganese", under the direction of Professor C.T. Kenner

A.S.C.P. Registry (Chemistry)  (197l)

Ph.D. Chemistry  North Texas State University (l975)
         Dissertation:"Kinetics and Mechanism of Substitution Reactions of Tungsten Carbonyl Complexes Containing Bidentate Sulfur Complexes Containing Bidentate Sulfur Ligands", under the direction of Professor G. R. Dobson

M.B.A. Tarleton State University (l993)  Accounting Emphasis


Research Technician, Biochemistry Department, Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas (l967-l969), under the direction of Dr. John M. Johnston

Medical Technologist, Special Chemistry Laboratory, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas,  Texas (l969-l97l), under the direction of Dr. A.B.C. Dowdey

Graduate Teaching Assistant, North Texas State University, Denton, Texas  (l97l-l973)

Research Associate, Howard Payne University, Brownwood, Texas  (l975-l976)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Texas Christian University, Raman Spectroscopy of Liquid Ammonia Solutions, under the direction of Dr. W.H. Koehler  (l976-l978)

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas   (1978-l986)

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas  (l986-1993)

Professor of Chemistry, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas  (l993-Current)

Department Head, Department of Chemistry and Geosciences, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas  (1994 - 2004)


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Current Research Projects

Tarleton State University is fortunate to be the recipient of a Robert A. Welch foundation Chemistry Departmental Research Grant, which funds the majority of my research.

            My main research project, reactions of alkali metals with selenium and tellurium in DMF, is currently on hold pending acquisition of a new UV-visible spectrophotometer or a method of recovering data from our Perkin-Elmer 320.

            I am working with Dr. Peter Bell and Dr. Lance Whaley on an NMR project.  We did obtain a large amount of data this past spring for our study of the determination of purity of various common solvents by QNMR.  We compared methods using DMSO as an internal standard with DMF, THF, ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, and acetone, while optimizing various instrumental parameters.  We are currently analyzing the data comparing peak integration with simple peak intensities and with a “standard addition” method involving water as an added impurity.  Results for the alcohols look very promising, but the other solvents exhibit various difficulties.

            Although not formal Welch research projects, I have continued to assist the students in submitting their “Chemvention” projects for publication. The manuscript “An Undergraduate Kinetics Lab Experiment Using the Blue Bottle Demonstration” previously submitted to J. Chem. Educ. was returned.  The editors felt that the current manuscript was too large and want it resubmitted as two separate papers.  The rewrite is in progress.