Larry D. Barr
Assistant Planetarium Director

Office:   Room 139J
Science Building

Phone:   254-968-0791
FAX:   254-968-0549

Planetarium:   254-968-0523

This armillary sphere, an ancient time-keeping device, in on display at the Sailor's Memorial, an integral part of the Inishowen Maritime Museum and Planetarium in Greencastle, Co. Donegal, Ireland. According to Ash McFadden, Planetarium Director, the sphere keeps time within ±2 minutes/day. Not bad at all for an analog timepiece with no moving parts except the Earth it's resting on! The Inishowen Planetarium is our 'sister' planetarium -- and I'm trying desperately to figure out how to get to Ireland for the family reunion!
Photo courtesy of Ash McFadden

My Current Activities Away From Work

I'm studying and researching renewable energy issues, specifically 12VDC distribution and utilization, and ethanol as an engine fuel. I believe that we are ruining our planet by the continuing production, transportation and use of fossil fuels, and that the time has come to 'get serious' about the large-scale production and use of renewable energy sources.

Other Things I Enjoy

Classic country and Texas music, wolves, old 4WD Jeeps, boating, flying, photography,
videography, and WWII aircraft.

Some of my favorite sites on the Web
Here are links to websites that I really enjoy. I've even
included a description with each one.

Rebel Wolf Online
This is my site. It's mostly renewable energy with some Jeeps and wolves thrown in just for fun. It's what I do when I'm not at work.

TSU Planetarium
This is what I do when I
am here at work.

North Texas Skywatch
Great astronomy site.
TSU's Dr. Michael Hibbs, Webmaster

NASA Photo Gallery
Some of the most outstanding space images I've seen.

Commemorative Air Force
These folks are dedicated to preserving the old warbirds. Their HQ and museum in Midland, TX is a must-visit.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
An archive of magnificent images, with a new one every day.

Inishowen Planetarium
One of the sites to visit our "sister" planetarium in Co. Donegal, Ireland

Inishowen Planetarium (2)
Another site with more information about our Irish sister facility.

Space Weather
Great site for up-to-the-minute news and info about the Sun-Earth environment.

I'll try to keep adding new links as I run across them. In the meantime, see y'all at the Planetarium.

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