ACC 310 - Accounting Information Systems

Course Description
Specific study of design and implementation of complex accounting information systems.  An understanding of the traditional accounting model and its relationship to each type of accounting information system will be emphasized, including accounts receivable, inventory control, cost accounting, operational budgeting and capital budgeting.  Key elements of a well-designed management control system are included.  Prerequisite:  ACC 2033


Intended Student Learning Outcomes

A student successfully completing this course will:

-          Complete a practice set using at least one commercially available accounting software package including performing new company setup.

-          Focus on internal control practices and systems, from fixed asset protection to accounting controls for cash including the use of petty cash fund systems and timely bank reconciliations.

-          Produce customized journal listings (general, cash receipts and disbursements), reports (customer, vendor, payroll, job profitability, inventor), and the four basic financial statements, as well as understand how accounting events and transactions relate to them.

-          Be familiar with characteristics of the basic forms of business organization:  proprietorships, partnerships and corporations in service, merchandising, and manufacturing enterprises.

-          Compare manual and computerized accounting in performing bank reconciliations and entering basic transactions, payroll, adjusting and closing entries.

-          Practice accounting for payables and receivables, including file maintenance, invoice analysis and processing, receipts processing as well as inventory methods including inventory item maintenance, defaults, and adjustments.

-          Have knowledge of job costing and budgeting techniques as well as the costing and amortization of long-term assets.


Required Texts and Materials


Regular class attendance is expected.


Special Needs
If you have special needs due to a disability, please contact Trina Geye, Director of Student Disability Services (254) 968-9400



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Course Grade
The course grade will be determined by completion of the course assignments, tests and projects.

Test #1                                                                   25%
Test #2                                                                   25%
Homework and in-class assignments         25%
Comprehensive QuickBooks Project         25%


The grading scale that will be used is 90-100 A, 80-89.9 B, 70-79.9 C, 60-69.9 D, below 60 F.


Drops/Withdrawals/Tuition Rates for Repeated Courses
Please see the current catalog for details regarding limits on dropping courses and premium tuition charges for repeating courses.