TO: Technical Writing class, 309-160
FROM: Jeanelle Barrett, Technical writing 309-160
RE: Proposal for final project
DATE: October 25, 2005


The Tarleton State University Faculty Senate is interested in finding someone to propose a new logo and a renovation of the current web page. The faculty senate uses the page as an informational resource for senators and faculty alike, and the current page is in need of updating as it hasn't been changed in approximately three years.
The executive committee of the faculty senate is soliciting suggestions as to how to make changes that will be implemented by a web master of the senate's choosing. Maintenance of the page will be handled by students of and/or members of the faculty senate.

This proposal highlights the kinds of changes sought by the clients.

Creation of a new logo:

The executive committee will be needing a new logo for the web page, one that will reflect the University and the senate alike. Members of the executive committee have proposed logos that incorporate the school seal and the Texan Rider logo, but both of those suggestions were denied by the administration due to copyright concerns. The successful proposal will put forth a new and innovative logo for the faculty senate.

Update of the web site in general:

As an informational tool for the faculty senate, the webpage at present lacks an an attractive quality that will make the page reader friendly and useful to not only the faculty senate but also to the faculty who consult the web site from time to time for information about the following:
" current senate proceedings and personnel,
" current senate concerns and issues,
" current awards administered by the faculty senate.

Who are the clients:

The group working on this particular project will write a report to the executive committee of the Tarleton State University 2005-2006 Faculty Senate:

Ms. Kelli Styron, Past President
Dr. Marlin Priddy, President
Dr. Jeanelle Barrett, President Elect
Dr. Malcolm L. Cross, Secretary/ Treasurer
Dr. David Weindorf, Parliamentarian

The aforementioned committee will make the final decision as to the suggestions to be adopted.