Job Documentation Project
Your assignment is to create a cover letter and a resume for a job that you can realistically
apply for
. Below are some search engines which will aid you in finding just the right kind
of job.

The following hard copy documents are required for the first draft due:
Jan. 26 for section -050

Jan. 27 for sections -100 and -120

The final draft is due:
Feb.2 for section -050.
Feb.10 for sections -100 and -120

You must submit the hard copies in the following order :

1. Your cover letter
2. Your resume

3. A copy of the ad to which you are applying.
This ad copy is mandatory.


Use the following links or the newspaper to find an ad that clearly explains the job duties and expectations of the employers.
Note: some of these sites require registration.

Useful class links Useful links to job search sites Specialized job searches
Email Dr. Barrett Texas Education Agency Natural Resources, Environmental Sciences, and
Web Mail Jobs in education USDA opportunities
Back to home page Agricultural jobs Criminal Justice jobs
JobWeb Job Hunt NationJob(Ag & biotech) Sample job ad
Yahoo Search CareerExchange Health Careers Online sample ad