COMS 2133. Mass Communication and Society. (3-0) Places mass media in historical             perspective; explores the relationships among media; examines the structure of the American communications system and compares it to international communications systems. Analyzes the social, economic, and political implications of modern society's reliance on mass communications. Explores the ways in which the mass media provides images of our world.


1. Students will be able to analyze media messages to fully understand their intent and impact.
2. Students will be able to analyze how different forms of media have impacted the culture and society.
3. Students will be able to understand how different media have an impact on an individuals intellectual expectations and processing.

TEXT: Introduction to Mass Communication by Stanley Baran
    Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman


GRADING AND ASSIGNMENTS: Mid-term and final exam. Quizzes & Papers

July 7—Introduction, Syllabus

July 8—Communication, media and Culture  Baran, Chapter 1; Postman Cht. 1-2

July 9—Wide Open: Story of High School Football (Paper due July 14)

July 10--Cultural History of Media   Chapter 2,
July 14—Books     Chapter 4; Postman Cht. 3-4

July 15—Newspapers     Chapter 5
“Should the Coverage Fit the Crime,”Joe Holley
“Who was Burning the Black Churches,” Joe Holley
Jayson Blair Story

July 16—Magazines     Chapter 6

July 17—Film      Chapter 7; Postman, Cht. 6-7

July 21—Radio     Chapter 8; Postman, Cht. 8

July 22—Television     Chapter 9
Colgate Comedy Hour with Martin and Lewis
Political Ads 1952-1964

July 23—Mid-term Exam

July 24—Public Relations    Chapter 10

July 28—Advertising     Chapter 11

July 29—Computers
Postman's Speech

July 30— Theories of Mass Communication  Chapter 12

July 31—Mass Communication Effects  Chapter 13

Aug. 4—Media Freedom & Ethics   Chapter 14, Postman, Cht. 9-10
Free Speech For Sale
Who Owns What

Aug. 5       “ “     Postman, Cht. 11

Aug. 6—Global Media    Chapter 15
             London Times

Aug. 7—Final Exam

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