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Tarleton Turfgrass Society is a student organization which includes the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s (GCSAA) Student Chapter.  The club raises money to fund their participation in the Collegiate Turfgrass Quiz Bowl held annual at the GCSAA’s annual meeting and to attend the famed Trade Show at accompanying Golf Industry Show (GIS).  At the Turfgrass Quiz bowl, Tarleton Students compete as a team against other students from every college and university in the USA with a turfgrass program to correctly identify turfgrasses, weeds, insects, diseases, and soil textures as well as to solve fertilizer and pesticide application and sprayer calibration problems.  Finally, the team writes an essay to address real world labor, budget, and public relation problems that golf course superintendents may encounter.
One of the two of the main fund raisers conducted by the club is hosting a golf tournament.  Students solicit sponsors for each hole and items for the silent auction and door prize.  The other main fund raiser is hosting a golf putting challenge for young people at the Tarleton Halloween Carnival.  Tarleton State University also contributes funds to reduce the cost of participation in the quiz bowl of each student to meals and souvenirs.
During Alumni weekend, students host a closest to the pin BINGO golf tournament at the Turfgrass Field Laboratory and Greenhouse.  The bingo cage and balls determine where a person chips from.  On the bermudagrass mowing height demonstration plot with 5x5ft subplots, the row with the highest mowing height (4.5”) is associated with “B”.  Each of the four remaining rows have mowing heights that are 1 inch less.  Row “O” has the lowest mowing height of 0.5”.  The number on the bingo ball tells one how close to the pin they will chip from.  “B1” has the highest mowing height and is furthest from the pin.  “O64” has the lowest mowing height and is closest to the pin.
The club also helps raise student spirit by “beating the drum” and constructing a float for the parade during spirit week of homecoming.  Students meet once a week to help plan the events and often the club buys pizza and drinks for everyone.  A couple of times each semester, the students have a cookout and bond fire at the Turfgrass Field Lab.  They have a contest at the end of the year to see who can mow the straightest line and mow an area the most efficiently.  Students play golf at the local golf courses.  Students can also attend regional turfgrass association meetings.  One member of the Tarleton Turfgrass Society will win a $1000 scholarship from Bayer Environmental Science.

sandwich board

Tarleton Turfgrass Society Sign with real ryegrass displayed with other club signs in front of campus library.

Beat the drum

“Beating the Drum” during spirit week in 2006.  Jared Orton, Jeremy Nelson, Leslie Beck, Jack Rose, Randy Blakemore, Sterling Narron, Cody Clark, and Drew Storey.

Home coming parade

Turfgrass Society float in Home Coming Parade in 2006.  Brady Lamar, Jeremy Nelson, Cody Clark, and Leslie Beck.

Marcos in Bingo Golf

Marcos Gomez in BINGO Golf Board in 2005. (bermudagrass mowing height demonstration plot).

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