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A member of the Tarleton Turfgrass Society will win a $1000 scholarship from Bayer Environmental Science.  The scholarship is primarily meant to recognize an outstanding turfgrass student who has both demonstrated success in their academic and professional endeavors and provided service to the Tarleton State University Turfgrass and Golf Course Management Program. 

Only student members of the Tarleton State Turfgrass Society will be considered.  In addition, the recipient must be willing to work on a special project during the school year at the Tarleton Turfgrass Field Laboratory and Greenhouse at the Tarleton State Agricultural Center (20 hours total).  Student must attend Tarleton in the spring.

In order to receive full consideration for the scholarship, please follow the process outlined below.  Each applicant should forward to me a package consisting of the following items.

A.        A set of transcripts from all post-high school education.  They do not have to be official transcripts; a copy will do.

B.         A brief, signed, letter  authorizing your transcripts to be distributed to individuals involved with evaluating applications which will be faculty members in the Department of Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Range Management.

C.        A letter of application for the scholarship including:  your past work experience, future career plans, motivation, and interest.  This letter may also include any background information that you would like to submit.  Please list the skills you have which may be help in determining what your project might be at the turf plots.  (carpentry, irrigation, masonry, electricity, plumbing, tree pruning, painting).

D.        A résumé or curriculum vitae that describes your employment and educational experience, and lists special honors, organization, membership, etc


All of the above materials should be submitted to Dr. Hennen Cummings (204D Agricultural Building) no later than The Wed. before Thanksgiving.  You may also leave your application with Linda Sanders in the front office of the Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, and Range Management Department.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 968-9223, or contact me via e-mail.

Dr. Cummings


Past Winners
Jack Check

Jack Rose, 2005

JJ Check

JJ Jansen, 2006

Meghyn Check

Meghyn Stalcup, 2007

Past Projects
Jack Project
Jack Rose constructs a “Take One” box to distribute information in front of the Tarleton State University Turfgrass Field Laboratory and Greenhouse.

JJ Porject

JJ Jansen constructs a raised plant bed to surround the “Take One” box and sign for the Tarleton Turfgrass Field Laboratory and Greenhouse.


Meghyn Project
Meghyn Stalcup constructs a new cover for the irrigation booster pump and pedestal for the new and improved boot.

Sign and Flowerbed

Boot on pump cover

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