Personal stuff:

Born: Late Pleistocene
At: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'6" (maybe)
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Two, usually blue
Hair: Gray and little of it
Pets: Cat -Ranger about 8 years old
Favorite foods: Chocolate and Coke
Abode: Stephenville

Hobbies: Birding and then more birding, reading and watching science fiction, Irish music, biking, traveling, hanging out in wetlands.

Links to my kind of fun places:

Birding 2
Birding 3
Fort Worth Birding
More Texas Birding

 Emerald Toucanet

Lurkers Guide to B5
Dr. Who

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Irish Fest - Milwaukee

 Irish Flag



Current projects:
Try to stay one step ahead of classes
Write papers
Go Birding

Background: M8 Planetary Nebula