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My Intersts

My research interests are in the cannon of delivery and the growing evolution of delivery resulting from emerging electronic literacies. My area of inquiry focuses on these questions: How will/does multi-modal composition create new contexts in which communicative acts are evaluated, valued, and interpreted? How is the nature of composing changing as a result of emerging electronic literacies? What is the role of composition specialists, especially in the university, in relation to electronic literacies?

In following (or maybe really I should say in generating) my interests in mulit-literacies, I was very fortunate to attend the inaugural session of the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) offered at The Ohio State University by Cynthia Selfe and Scott DeWitt in 2006. During this two-week institute, participants were charged to create a project explaining their relation to literacy. I realized that to tell the story of my literacy, I would have to talk about my mother and her belief that I could achieve my goals. I have always defined myself by my relation to text: first as "storyteller," then as "lettered professional," next as "novice professional," but then as "failure."

The media project I created for DMAC 2006 chronicles some of this evolution. When I found multi-media composing, I found a way to "write" again. I found a conversation I could enter, and I remembered that I could succeed. Here is a link to my project: Remember.

Our students, bombarded by lettered text and sounds and images and music and film and animation and cyber text, etc., etc., etc., must learn to compose for and in this spectacle.

When have we ever been needed more?

Now this interests me.