bridge image
Benni Konvicka name image

So what is this site's story?

It all started with an image.

While working unsuccessfully on the design for another web site, I was just completely gobstopped as to why I was so unhappy with the results I had achieved. (Go back to my original, now eight-year old home page if you want to examine just how unsuccessful I really can be.) Then, in the middle of another task, inspiration found me. I was on the internet going through an image search for another project, when I saw it, when I found my controlling image: a bridge, a bridge in a lovely wooded setting.

This was it. It was not just that it was a lovely image, but it set the scene (seen) for my claim; it gave me the color scheme for the site; and it conveyed more meaning than I had been able to in words. I mean, look it it. Look at how it draws the viewer ito the image. Look at the perspective it presents, how the scene is somewhat shaded in the foreground but much lighter after the bridge is crossed. Look at the converging paths presenting alternative paths. Inspired.

This is the business of my present business: figuring our, mulling over, trying to articulate what multi-modal composition does and why I am so fascinted at all the paths this new way of composing allows me to cross.

It is time for me, and for the field of composition, to cross from the exclusively alphabetic text to the possibilities of our culture's electronic being.

Talk about visual rhetoric!

And it all started with an image.