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About Me

Benedda (Benni) Konvicka
Doctoral Student, Rhetoric and Composition

I am a "born-again" graduate student. I completed my coursework for my PhD in Rhetoric and Composition years ago at UTA, but, through the machinations of life, fate, and my own personal choices, I remained ABD. However, I have returned to the fold and expect to finish my degree within the next 12 months.

I have been teaching at Tarleton State University for over 25 years, but before teaching at Tarleton, I also taught at Olympia Technical Community College in Olympia, Washington and for a high school degree completion program sponsored by the US Army while I was in Mainz, Germany.

I have a son, a stepson, and a stepdaughter, a husband who also teaches at TSU, and six beautiful grandchildren: five boys and one girl child.

My research interests are in the cannon of delivery and the growing evolution of delivery resulting from emerging electronic literacies. My area of inquiry focuses on these questions: How will/does multi-modal composition create new contexts in which communicative acts are evaluated, valued, and interpreted? How is the nature of composing changing as a result of emerging electronic literacies? What is the role of composition specialists, especially in the university, in relation to electronic literacies?

Contact Information:
Phone: 254 592-4782