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Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
By: Lois Ehlert
Area: Sciene
Category: Plants
Subcategory: Trees
Age Level:
4 – 8
Illustrator: Not provided by Reviewer


Reviewed by:
Tracey Craft

This book is very visually appealing. The artwork is a mixture of real and created items making an interesting connection between the book and the real world. The author “speaks” to us about a leaf from her favorite tree and then she takes us on a journey from the tree's birth (seeds blowing in the wind), through the tree's growth starting with a seed (some get eaten by animals) to planting the tree (including how it got to the nursery) and the seasons/changes that occur (colors of the leaves, new leaves, etc.). On each page the author identifies the animals and plants pictured giving ample opportunities for connections to be made.

What Your Students Could Gain:
Life cycle of trees and the vocabulary involved (leaves, buds, roots, sap, bark, seeds, flowers)

  • Sugar Maple Seeds (called Samaras – vocabulary extension) look like helicopters – science extension – fly the seeds and then perhaps make paper helicopters
  • Food web – trees provide food for other animals
  • Process of planting a tree – could extend to a class project
  • Bird treat project

TEKS Covered:
§112.2. Science, Kindergarten.
(b) (5)  (A)  (B)  (6)  (B)  (7)  (A)  (C)  (D)  (8)  (A)  (B)  (9)  (A)  (B)  (C)  

§112.3. Science, Grade 1.
(b)  (2)  (A)  (6)  (B)  (7)  (A) (C)  (D)  (9)  (A)  (C)  

§112.4. Science, Grade 2.
(b)  (2)  (A)  (E)  (F)  (5)  (A)  (B)  (6)  (C)  (7)  (A)  (D)  (8)  (A)  (9)  (A)  

§112.5. Science, Grade 3.
(b)  (5)  (A)  (8)  (A)  (10)  (A)  (11)  (A)

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