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Welcome to Risk Management & Compliance!

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Risk Management & Compliance Functions

Programs For Minors

Coordinate required Child Protection Training and implementation of associated risk controls.
Cindy Jordan

Code Purple

Emergency notification service for communicating health and safety emergency information via email and text message.
Kent Styron

Compliance Help and Reporting

Confidential, internal reporting and help tool for risk and compliance matters.
Kent Styron

Emergency Preparedness

Organizes emergency management activities including policy development, emergency response training, and coordinates Emergency Operations Center events.
Kirk Turner

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, mitigate, and monitor university-wide risks. Emergency preparedness.
Kent Styron

Environmental Health and Safety

Implement regulatory safety procedures and policies; develop/deploy health and safety training; investigate and mitigate campus injury accidents. Promote sustainability incentives.
Hector Davis

Fire and Life Safety

Apply regulations related to fire prevention and protection systems, life safety, building construction and protection.
Brandon Lockenour

Insurance Programs and Workers Compensation

Coordinate insurance procurement for university events and activities, international and fleet insurance.
Cindy Jordan

Public Information Requests and Records Management

Coordinate development, revision, and posting of university rules and procedures.
Susan Barkley

Rules and Procedures

Coordinate development, revision, and posting of university rules and procedures.
Paulette Cavitt

Title IX and Clery Compliance

Coordinate efforts to comply with and carry out responsibilities under Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in all operations of the University, and coordinate Clery Act compliance.
Darren Keith




The Texas A&M University System recently launched a resource webpage for those planning to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) under FAA's Part 107 on any A&M System owned or controlled property.  If you are planning to operate a UAS on Tarleton or any other A&M System owned or controlled property, the on-line UAS Flight Authorization Application found on the webpage linked below must be completed, filed and approved prior to operating the UAS device.