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Required Employee Training

New Employee Orientation

This course is required once, at the beginning of employment with Tarleton State University. There are three types of New Employee Orientation (NEO): Faculty, Graduate Assistant, and Staff . Each course covers basic information on benefits and expectations of employment at Tarleton State University. Additional content may be included that is specific to the type of orientation.

NEO Faculty (NFO) is given once a year; normally before the Fall semester begins. This course is for full time faculty as determined by the Provost.

NEO Graduate Assistant (GAO) is given near the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. This course is designed for new Graduate Assistant - Teaching, Graduate Laboratory Assistant, Graduate Assistant - Research, Graduate Assistant - Non-Teaching, and Graduate Assistant - Special.

NEO Staff is given every month as needed. This course is for all budgeted staff employees.

The orientation schedule is located on the University Calendar and is accessible through the Calendar of Training Events link.

System Required Courses

Texas A&M University System requires all employees to complete the following on-line training courses within the first 30 working days: Creating a Discrimination Free Workplace, Ethics, Reporting Fraud Waste and Abuse, Orientation to the A&M System, and Information Security Awareness. These courses are accessed by logging in to Single Sign On and clicking on TrainTraq. Click on the SSO Instructions link for help in using the Single Sign On system. System required training is required to be taken on a periodic basis; you will receive an e-mail notice when it is time to retake a course.