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Texan Bill Pay

Now Available

Bill Pay

Tarleton State University Office of Business Services is proud to announce a host of new services available now. Below you will find a brief description of the new services that we will be offering. Please continue to watch your email and our web site for additional information concerning these new services.

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Available Now

Electronic Refunds
Tarleton State University will deposit your refund directly into your bank account, then send notification of the deposit to you by email. Enrollment is required to participate in this program.

Online Bill Payment
Short on time? Pay your bill online using Tarleton State University's new online bill payment service. Online bill pay gives you access to view and pay your bill 24/7. This service will allow you to have immediate access to your current bill, your current account balance, and a number of payment methods.

Guest/Parent Access
You can enroll your parents, employer, or relatives as an authorized user of your student account. They will have their own ID and Password that will give them access to your student account to make payments or view activity. Enrollment of the authorized user is required by the student.

Electronic Check Payments
Use your checking or savings account to make payments to your student account. This is a quick, easy way to make payments without standing in long lines or waiting for your payment to reach us by mail. Enrollment is required to participate in the program.

Email Notification of Account Activity
When we post a new statement to your student account, an email notification will be sent to your student email address. Other notifications will be sent based on certain activity to your student account. This is a great way to keep up with your student account payment activity.

Online Payment Plan Enrollment
Payment plans are a great way to spread the cost of your tuition and fees over a semester. This program will allow you to enroll in the payment plan online and schedule your payments. You will also receive email notifications when your plan adjusts due to various account activities. Online payment plans cost just $20.00 per semester and are a great alternative to student loans or paying by credit card. Enrollment is required to participate in this program each long semester.