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Prerequisites for TExES Testing 

Students who have completed their certification program do not have to meet pre-requisites.

The information below applies to students going through our traditional program. TMATE students should contact the appropriate TMATE office for prerequisite information. Graduate level students should contact the appropriate department for verification of prerequisites. 

  • EC-6 / 4-8 / Special Education 

Students seeking certification in one of these areas are not eligible to take the content exam until all courses in the generalist/content block and all reading courses are completed or in progress. The Generalist and PPR exams are taken during the student teaching semester and students must have taken the PPR pre-test (which is given as the final in EDU 415) and attended the review session.

  • Secondary and All-Level 

Content exams require approval from the department or content area program coordinators. The request to the department is generated once the student submits the TExES Test Approval Request Form to the Coordinator for Certification Testing. Ms. Owens collects the forms when she meets with each group of students during PDIII/PDIV.