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Welcome to the Tarleton TExES website!

Students Testing

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Computer-Administered Testing

  • Many of the TExES exams are offered continuously by computer (CAT).  However, others are only offered by computer on specific 4-day test windows (Limited-Administration CAT).  The Limited-Administration (CAT) windows are listed below.  Please go to the "About the TExES Exams" link to find the routes by which the TExES exams are offered.
  • Only students who have been given prior permission to take a test may submit a request to test.  All requests must be submitted in a timely manner and according to program guidelines.
  • All requests to test will be processed in as timely a manner as possible. 

Limited-Administration (CAT) Test Windows (see link on right for tests offered by Limited-Admin. CAT)

  • August 19-22, 2015 (submit request form by July 10)
  • October 14-17, 2015 (submit request form by September 11)
  • December 9-12, 2015 (Submit request form by November 6)
  • January 27-30, 2016 (submit request form by December 4)
  • March 30 - April 2, 2016 (submit request form by February 26)
  • May 18-21, 2016 (submit request form by April 15)
  • July 6-9, 2016 (submit request form by June 3)
  • August 24-27, 2016 (submit request form by July 22)

TMATE Students

  • You must submit your test request form to the TMATE Coordinator.  Please DO NOT send your form directly to the Coordinator for Certification Testing.

Important Test Day Reminders

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start time!
  • Take your admission ticket.
  • Take two forms of ID (Driver's license & Tarleton ID)  All documents must match with the name on the admission ticket and cannot be expired.
  • DO NOT take your cell phone or any other form of electronics including wrist watches in the test center.  You will not be permitted to enter the test site with it.
  • DO NOT take study materials in the test center.  You will not be permitted to enter the test site with it.
  • DO NOT take food in the test center.
  • It is the reponsibility of the tester to know the rules of the test center before the day of the exam.