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Requirements for Admission

Students are eligible to take EDU 320, Professional Development I, as soon as they have 60 earned hours.  However, students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program before they are allowed to take any other professional development courses. 

The following is a summary of generic requirements and key points for admission.  Please use the links to your left to find out information about specific program requirements and applications.

Applying to the Teacher Education Program 
Generic Information

Key Points to Remember:

Applications are due by 5:00 pm on the due date, which is typically February 15, July 1, or October 15.  Sometimes this date is postponed when classes start late.  Please click on "Application Deadlines" to the left for specific dates.

Secondary/All-Level applications and requirements are different from Elementary applications and requirements.  Submit completed applications to our office located in the Math Building, Suite 101.

You will need an advisor's signature on several items in your application.  Be sure to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT well in advance of the due date.

The following is a summary of major requirements that must be completed by the end of application semester.  In addition, elementary students are asked to have the GPA requirement met before applying.  There may be additional requirements that are department specific. 

  • 4 English courses with a C or better
  • Speech with a B or better
  • PSY 303 or 220 or FCS/HS 300 with a C or better
  • EDU 320 with a C or better
  • Completion of at least 12 hours in Certification Area
  • No grade lower than C in your Certification Area or in Professional Development
  • GPA of at least 2.6 in each Certification Area Block, Professional Development, and overall on Certificate Plan*
  • Passing score in WRITING, READING, and MATH from the Accuplacer, Asset, Compass or THEA.  To check your test scores, send an email with your name and ID number to  Please note that ACT, SAT, TAKS, TAAS, or TSI Assessment scores are not accepted.
  • Elementary students are also required to have a passing score in MATH 107, prepare two written responses to prompts in the application, and provide three letters of recommendation.
  • All students must be screened by their departments.  Secondary & All-Level screenings vary and are conducted by their major department.  Elementary students will sign up for a professional interview and writing test when they turn in their application.

Important Contact Information:

Allison Andrews, Program Specialist, 254-968-9815, 

Dr. Credence Baker, Certification Officer - Fall 2012, 254-968-9817,

Dr. Ann Calahan, C&I Department Head, 254-968-9096,

If you are denied admission into the Teacher Education Program, you will need to reapply with new paperwork by the next due date.

*Change in admission requirements fall 2014 - the gpa requirement will be raised to a 2.75 in all areas.  This will go into effect for the fall 2014 application period unless we are told it must be implemented sooner.