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Research Areas

   Observatory & PlanetariumHydrology Lab

  1. Observatory
    Tarleton has the largest telescope at any undergraduate only physics program. The telescope is not only larger telescope in the Texas A&M System, but larger than those used by Texas Tech, U of H, UTA, and other PhD astronomy programs. Present research is center on studying the light curves and life cycles of binary stars.
  2. Fluids/Environmental Engineering Laboratory
    Tarleton houses one of the few Fluids/environmental engineering research labs in the country and is comparable with facilities supporting PhD programs at major research institutions.
  3. Grid Computing Cluster
    A PC based grid computing system provides computing power comparable to a super computer for analysis of complex research problems.
  4. Electromagnetic Research Facility
    Research in electromagnetic waves including microwave communication, target detection, stealth technology, optical communications, image processing, etc. Facility includes a state-of-the-art anechoic research chamber.