Offered to all rangemen to advance the education of those faithful stewards who, as perfectly symbolized by Charlie Russell's Trail Boss, the icon of our profession and our Society, have devoted our lives to the wise use, skillful manipulation, efficient development, on-going improvement, and continuing conservation of our native grazing lands.

This is a presentation of photographs with accompanying descriptions of some of the most extensive and important range cover types in North America.  In addition to examples of major range plant communities (and dominant, associate, and indicator plant species) there is a review of the various units of vegetation with a historical survey of their origin and use in Range Management and Forestry.

Photographs and text of this work were copyrighted to insure their free fair use in the public domain. Permission was thereby granted from the author, a tax-supported public servant, to any readers to use any of this material for non-profit or other appropriate educational purposes consistent with the fair use doctrine (eg. courses or other publications in fields like Range Management, Forestry, Ecology, etc.). It will be expected that proper credit will be given by correct citation of this publication.

Photographs should be viewed at as high a color setting as possible (eg. 32-bit or True Color). Explanation and further details of photography and reproduction by scanning were provided in the Materials portion of Introduction.

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