General Biology
BIOL 120


Blackboard (grades posted here)

The resources that you will find here are images of specimens similar to those examined during lab. Most images have structures that you need to know labeled with letters or numbers.

It is your personal challenge to identify the structures based on the text and labeled figures in the lab manual and interaction with your lab instructor during the lab period. One potentially effective way of using the images on this website is to print them off, cut them out, and use them as flashcards (write the label key and any additional information on the back).

The resources here are not intended to replace regular lab attendance and full participation during lab.

Tips for successful learning
  • Attend every lab and learn what you need to know during lab while there is an instructor there to help you.
  • Take your time examining specimens and microscope slides. This is your only chance to see the actual specimens and slides that will be on the lab practicals.
  • Examine specimens, microscope slides, and the images on this website while simultaneously referring to the appropriate section of your lab manual. What you need to know about each specimen/slide is in your lab manual and, in many cases, labeled on a figure. Be sure you are able to relate the labeled figures in the manual with the specimens (both in lab and the images on this website).
  • Take the weekly quizzes, worksheets, and drawings seriously. Together, they count the same as a Practical, and by studying each week you not only are preparing for the quizzes, but you are preparing for the practicals at the same time.
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