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Publishing Your Abstract

All abstracts will be via the APS website before the meeting. Links to the APS abstracts on the WEB site are maintained as an archive of meeting abstracts. This will continue indefinitely into the future so that later you can look or reference the URL of your abstract.


All AAPT, APS, and SPS members are encouraged to present contributed talks during the conference. A limited number of posters will also be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Proof-read your abstract carefully before submission!

Placing Your Talk In The Correct Session

This meeting is a joint meeting of the Texas Sections of the American Physical Society (APS), American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), and Society of Physics Students (SPS). The online abstract submission for all abstracts is done through the APS website.

If your presentation is for the AAPT or the SPS sessions, be sure to select the appropriate AAPT or SPS category on the abstract submission form so that your talk is placed in the correct session.

Sessions for Student Talk

  • APS - Any Area of Physics Research
  • SPS - Student Talks (HS & Undergraduate Students Only/No-graduate Student Talks)
  • AAPT - Physics Education (includes Graduate Student talks on Physics Education Research)

Abstract Categories

  1. AAPT-Physics Education Research
  2. AAPT - Laboratories and Demonstrations
  3. SPS - Undergrad (or High School) R
  4. SPS - Outreach and Service
  5. Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
  6. Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Space Physics
  7. Biological and Chemical Physics
  8. Computational Physics
  9. Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Physics
  10. Cosmology & General Relativity
  11. General Physics
  12. High Energy Physics
  13. Industrial and Applied Physics
  14. Nanoscience
  15. Nuclear Physics
  16. Physics Education Research
  17. Other

Submit Your Abstract

To submit an abstract using the online web submission process, two things are needed:

  1. The number and ordering of authors and collaborations
  2. The abstract content.

Click the following link to the APS Submission site and the web pages will guide you through the rest.

APS Abstract Submission Link