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Texas Physics Consortium


Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) is a group of Physics Departments that pool faculty expertise and institutional resources to provide access to quality upper-level undergraduate and graduate physics courses.  The TPC use of pooled resources provides their students with the wide range of upper level physics courses usually available at only large institutions while maintaining the intimate student-faculty interaction of a small department.  The TPC has submitted an application to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for all TPC institutions except Commerce to award a single Joint BS Physics Degree. If the proposal is approved, the TPC would become the third largest producer of B.S. Physics Graduates in Texas.

Faculty of the Texas Physics Consortium

TPC Class Websites

Videos of classes taught by TPC instructors over the Trans Texas Video System are maintained on this site in order to provide students in these classes with an opportunity to view classes that they may missed due to illness or other conflicts as well as for individual study.


Course Name - (G/UG)
Cosmology - (UG)
Electromagnetic Field Theory - (UG)
Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers - (UG)
Intermediate Mechanics - (UG)
Modern Physics I - (UG)
Modern Physics II - (UG)
Optics - (UG)
Quantum Physics - (UG)
Solid State Physics - (UG)
Thermodynamics - (UG)
Nuclear Physics - (UG)
Physics of Medical Imaging - (UG)
Advanced Laboratory - (UG)
Astronomical Methods: Observations & Data Analysis - (UG)
Quantum Mechanics - (G)
Advanced Statistical Mechanics - (G)
Advanced Mechanics - (G)