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Academic Prerequisites for Medical and Dental School

Although the academic requirements for entry into medical and dental school are very minimal, most of the schools encourage the applicants to have earned a baccalaureate degree prior to being accepted and enrolling into the school. Our Biomedical Sciences curriculum which leads to a bachelors degree meets all of the academic requirements for entry.

Prospective students are are encouraged to strive for an excellent academic record in order to enhance chances for admission. Generally, most students admitted have college GPAs over 3.5. Very few, if any, are admitted with GPAs of less than 3.0.

Admission to these professional schools are highly competitive. As a rule, successful applicant are those who show evidence of consistently performing well academically and having extracurricular interests and achievements.

The medical and dental schools in Texas have a standard prescribed course requirement for admission, as stated below.

Biology Two years as required for a college science major, including laboratory work
Chemistry One year of General Chemistry and one year of Organic Chemistry as required for college majors, including corresponding laboratory experience
Physics One year as required for a college science major, including laboratory work
Mathematics One-half year of college calculus or statistics
English One year of college English