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Welcome to the Engineering Program



The Engineering Program is the entry point for all students wishing to major in an Engineering field and consists of the lower level engineering, math, and science courses as well as general education courses such as composition, history, government, and wellness, that are core to nearly all engineering disciplines. 

Courses in the Engineering Program make up about one half of the coursework required for a Bachelor of Science degree in any Engineering discipline.  These courses prepare the student for further studies in their desired engineering discipline either at Tarleton State University or other colleges and universities such as Texas A&M, UTA, or Texas Tech.

Students are the number one priority with the Engineering faculty.  Students are nurtured and groomed from the first day they step into the classroom to develop the study skills and work ethic needed to be successful in academics and beyond.

At Tarleton, you don't have to wait to graduate to do real research or projects. Our students have the opportunity to do it every day. Through the wide ranging research interests of our enthusiastic faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities, the education of our students is enriched with unique hands-on-educational research and internship opportunities.


Math preparedness is a critical component to success in any engineering program.  Thus it is very important for potential engineering students to strive to prepare themselves to be at least Precalculus ready prior to entering college. 

Engineering coursework is very sequential in nature, with each semester building on the coursework of the previous semester.  It is therefore also important for the student to start taking engineering coursework as early as possible in their college careers if s/he wishes to graduate in a four year timeframe.

See Engineering Requirements for more details.


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