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Engineering Requirements

Entry into the Engineering Program requires math placement into at least Trigonometry or Precalculus, but preferably into Calculus 1 or higher.

Math preparedness is a critical component to success in any engineering program.  Thus it is very important for potential engineering students to strive to prepare themselves mathematically prior to entering college.

Math preparedness is evaluated at Orientation.  Incoming freshmen should come to orientation prepared to take a math placement exam.  See the Math Placement Policy or contact the Department of Mathematics for details. 

Engineering coursework is very sequential in nature, with each semester building on the coursework of the previous semester.  It is therefore also important for the student to start taking engineering coursework as early as possible in their college careers if s/he wishes to graduate in a four year timeframe. 


Students who have not met the math requirements for entry into the engineering program are declared Pre-engineering (PREN) majors.  These students spend their first year of college taking the necessary math courses as well as other general education courses.  Upon successful completion of the necessary math courses, the students are then admitted into the Engineering Program and their major declaration is changed by an Engineering advisor.  This must be done by an Engineering advisor.


Academic advising is a critical part of success for engineering students.  Engineering students are required to be advised by an engineering faculty member.  The engineering advisor visits with each student each semester and advises them on coursework and academic success. 

For students intending to pursue an engineering degree at Tarleton:

Upon completion of the specified lower level engineering, physics, and math coursework with a C or better in each course, the student will be granted admission into their respective program (ENVE or ENPH) by their engineering advisor.  The student may not enroll in upper level engineering coursework until admission has been granted.

For students intending to transfer to another engineering program:

Students wishing to transfer to an engineering at another university or college are encouraged to contact an advisor at their intended school of transfer to find out specific transfer requirements.  Many programs require an overall 3.0 GPA for admission and a B or better in engineering related coursework in order to receive transfer credit. The engineering advisor will work to assist the student in following the degree requirements for their intended program.