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Tarleton Physics Program

computerscienceThe student's participation in Tarleton's 2014 Physics Camp is funded by scholarships from the Texas Work Force Commission. As part of the grant process, we are required to verify the eligibility of potential scholarship winners. We are also required to collect family demographics as part of the grant including general family income, etc. for reporting to the TWC although this information will not be used in choosing camp participants.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

1. Have just completed 9th, 10th, or 11th grade in a Texas High School or home school whose curriculum can be verified to be equivalent to a Texas High School by the University Admissions Office.

2. Be between the ages of 14 and 21 years of age at time of enrollment in the program

3. Be a U.S. Citizen or authorized to work in the United States

4. Be in compliance with the United States Selective Service regulation if applicable (Males)

Additional Program Eligibility Criteria:

Be an individual who is enthusiastic about math, science, or engineering who wants to spend two weeks learning new things

 The following link provides a list of documents that can shown on check-in to verify the students eligibility.

In the case of equally qualified applicants, preference will be given to students of active or retired military personnel as required under Texas Workforce Commission summer camp grant requirements. 

Click On Application Form

Return Application via Fax or email attachment to Dr. Marble, Professor of Physics & Director of Texas Physics Consortium.