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Evelyn WIsdom Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship shall be awarded annually through the Department of Social Sciences to a person who meets the following selection criteria:

  1.  A full-time student, as defined in the Tarleton State University catalog applicable for the year of enrollment in which the student makes application for the scholarship.
  2. A history major
  3. One that has demonstrated a need for financial assistance in order to be able to pursue his or her collegiate studies
  4. One who has or maintains a 3.00 grade point average
  5. A repeat recipient of the Scholarship, who continues to meet the criteria listed above
  6. A U.S. citizen and state of Texas resident who is also a graduate of a Texas high school

More information on this scholarship is available by contacting Dr. Malcolm Cross, Head, Department of Social Sciences, Box T-0660, Tarleton Station, Stephenville, TX 76402; (254) 968-9021;