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Undergraduate Admissions

Interdisciplinary Studies Admission Standards & Procedures

The College of Education best serves the needs of the State of Texas teachers who possess strong records of academic achievement and who demonstrate a continuing commitment to self-direction as learners and to the education of their students.

Admission Standards

Only applicants who meet the following minimum academic standards will be considered by the Interdisciplinary Studies Admissions Committee.

  1. Minimum 2.6 GPA in each of the following areas:
    • Professional Development
    • Generalist
    • Reading Specialization
    • Early Childhood
    • Emphasis/Delivery System/Supplemental
    • Overall (on Certificate Audit)
  2. No grade lower than "C" in the following:
    • Professional education course work
    • Generalist course work
    • Reading specialization
    • Early Childhood course work
    • Emphasis/Delivery System/Supplemental course work
    • 12 hours of University-required English
    • PSY 303, 220, or FCS 300
  3. Current enrollment in or completion of:
    • EDU 320, PSY 303, 220, or FCS 300
  4. Completion of:
    • Math 107, or above
    • 60 semester hours excluding developmental course work
    • One full semester at Tarleton State University
  5. Passing scores on each section of the THEA test or other testing requirements as determined by the Tarleton State University Teacher Education Council.
  6. Evidence of good moral character and the mental, emotional, and physical ability to function effectively in a classroom.

Application Procedures

Admission to Interdisciplinary Studies for initial teacher preparation is by application only. The deadline for submitting the completed admission packet to the Teacher Education Program is:

Application Deadlines
Fall October 15
Spring February 15
Summer June 15

The following steps need to be followed to apply to the Teacher Education Program:

  1. Request a new or updated certificate plan and degree plan from the departmental secretary (Room 320, E.J. Howell Building) All requests are due by:
Request Deadlines
Fall September 2
Spring January 3
Summer June 10
  1. Submit the following items, in a manila folder and in the order listed below, to the Office of Admissions for Teacher Certification (Room 101 - Administration Annex) by the deadline:

    *One letter of recommendation must come from a college or university faculty member, but not from faculty members in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

  2. Interview (Candidates selected from the initial screening)
    Oral interviews will be conducted by two-member teams comprised of professional educators. Students will be asked questions similar to those that might be asked in a job interview and the responses will be evaluated according to the established interview criteria (oral communication, thought processes, leadership potential, and human interaction). (Tarleton Teacher Education Handbook, Appendix A.) Students should expect interviews to last approximately 15-20 minutes.
  3. Written Essay (Candidates selected from the initial screening)
    Immediately following his or her interview, each candidate will respond in writing to prompts provided by the Interdisciplinary Studies Admissions Committee. The writing samples will be assessed according to established criteria (Tarleton Teacher Education Handbook, Appendix A).

Admission Recommendation Procedures to the Tarleton Teacher Education Council

After the interview/writing assessments, the Interdisciplinary Studies Admissions Committee will make preliminary recommendations based on aggregate scores from the admissions process (Tarleton Teacher Education Handbook, Appendix A). Students who are recommended at this time must meet or exceed all academic requirements throughout the process. The names of students who are to be recommended to the Tarleton Teacher Education Council will be forwarded to the Admissions Officer at the end of the semester for final verification of eligibility. The Teacher Education Council meets three times a year to admit students into the Tarleton Teacher Education program; approximately the first week of January, the last week of May, and the third week of August. The Dean of the College of Education will notify students of their acceptance into the Tarleton Teacher Education Program.

Denied Admission Procedures to the Tarleton Teacher Education Program

The Admissions Officer will notify students who have been denied admission. Students who are denied admission must meet with their academic advisor and reactivate their files before they will be re-considered for admission. Students who wish to appeal their denial into the teacher education program must file an appeal within 10 working days of the time that they knew, or should have known of their denial. Please see the Head of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for further information concerning this process.

Retention in the Teacher Education Program

Retention in the Teacher Education Program requires maintenance of standards required for admission, plus evidence of satisfactory academic progress and professional development. The student will receive written notification from the Dean, College of Education, if the criteria for admission and retention are not maintained. The student will be placed on probation for a period of one semester. If the deficiency is not corrected by the end of the probationary period, the student will be removed from the program. Students must then reapply for admission to the Teacher Education Program to be eligible for enrollment in additional professional education courses.

Tarleton State University reserves the right to monitor a student's professional ethics according to those standards specified in the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Education (adopted by the Teachers' Professional Practice Commission, revised March 1, 1998) as it relates to the performance of his or her role as an intern or field-based activity in the elementary or secondary schools. Appropriate disciplinary action, which may include removal from the Teacher Education Program, may be instituted for violations of ethical conduct.

NOTE: If you are admitted and do not enroll at Tarleton for two, consecutive, long semesters, you must reapply for admission when re-enrolling at Tarleton.