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Tarleton Sports Medicine Award

The Tarleton Sports Medicine Award is given annually to the sports medicine student that best exhibits the characteristics expected of the students in the Tarleton Sports Medicine program.  Eligible students must meet a GPA requirement and have completed one year in the program.  This award is voted on by the sports medicine students.  The award also includes a scholarship provided by Harris Methodist Hospital - Erath County. 

1984-1985     Dee Gadberry
1985-1986     Scott Smith
1986-1987     Robyn Conover
1987-1988     Elicia Leal
1988-1989     Elicia Leal
1989-1990     Donny Howard
1989-1990     Andi Johnston
1990-1991     Annette Franco
1991-1992     Steve Cope
1992-1993     Gena Stevenson
1993-1994     Britney Parker
1994-1995     Susan Smiley
1995-1996     Justin Southern
1996-1997     Stacy Bartee
1997-1998     Wendy Wiley
1998-1999     Mark Cummings
1999-2000     Sunny Strait
2000-2001     Holly Turnbough
2001-2002     Marcy Frasier
2002-2003     Jenni Voigt
2003-2004     Tiffany Nations
2004-2005     Chris Warren
2004-2005     Anthony Kelly
2005-2006     Emily Kribbs
2005-2006     Anthony Kelly
2006-2007     Megan Boehnke
2006-2007     Jacob Fain
2007-2008     Abby Houston
2008-2009     Kesha Barkemeyer
2009-2010     Jessica Miller
2010-2011     Ashley Mallen
2011-2012     Jonathan Tucker
2012-2013     Angel Rios
2013-2014     Tyler Gilmore
2014-2015     Tayler Dray
2015-2016     Tyler Gilmore