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Texan Sports Medicine Association Award

The Texan Sports Medicine Association Award is awarded annually to the Sports Medicine student that has the highest GPA and has been in the Sports Medicine program for at least one year.  The award also includes a scholarship provided by the Texan Sports Medicine Association. 

2000-2001     Holly Turnbough
2001-2002     Holly Turnbough
2002-2003     Kelly Gray
2003-2004     Monica Garza
2004-2005     Charla Arendt
2005-2006     Charla Arendt
2006-2007     Jessica Cox
2007-2008     Meredith York
2008-2009     Chase Remini
2009-2010     Ryan Ross
2010-2011     Matt Colbert
2011-2012     Alex Medrano
2012-2013     Morgan Suski
2013-2014     Kassandra Soto
2014-2015     Kassandra Soto
2015-2016     Kassandra Soto