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ROTC Adventure Summer Camps

The Cadet Professional Development Program (CPDT) provides cadets with summer training opportunities during the MSL II and MSL III summer months and winter and spring breaks. CPDT is further broken into three sections. They are Cadet Practical Field Training (CPFT), Cadet Troop Lead Training (CTLT), and the Drill Cadet Leadership Training (DCLT) programs.

The Cadet Practical Field Training (CPFT) program includes training at Army Schools and special courses for Air Assault, Basic Airborne, Mountain Warfare, Northern Warfare, Cadet Survival Training at USAFA, Cadet Field Training at USMA, Sandhurst Competition and University Officer Training Center in the United Kingdom. Generally, in a typical year, the total number of CPFT allocations equals approximately ten percent of the cadet population at large. Battalion commanders will prepare, select and send to CPDT only those with the highest potential for completing the CPDT training and for being commissioned. Cadet Command pays for travel. Billeting and mess are provided by the installation in most cases. All cadets must meet the eligibility criteria to be selected. More information on the CPFT program can be found in Cadet Command Reg 145-3, Chapter 3, Section 3. The Cadet Command CPFT representative can be reached at commercial (757) 788-4586.

Cadet Troop Lead Training (CTLT) is a two track program (Platoon Leader and Internship). All CTLT positions are linked to a specific regiment of the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). As a result, attendance to the specific regiment is mandatory. The assigned regiment will not be changed to accommodate personal situations.
The Platoon Leader track provides cadets the opportunity to experience leadership in Army Table of Organization and equipment (TO&E) units over a three to four week period. Cadets serve in platoon leader positions or other positions where a second lieutenant is normally assigned. Platoon Leader positions have a 3-4 week duration depending on the hosting unit and location.

The Internship track offers a myriad of training opportunities, for cadets with special language, technical, or research skills, with various agencies in the Department of Defense. Internships include positions with the Central Identification Laboratory, Defense Information systems Agency, National Ground Intelligence Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Army Science Board, US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) and more. Cadets who wish to participate in any of the internships must meet the application requirements, submit an application packet and receive approval.

Drill Cadet Leadership Training (DCLT). The 4-week DCLT Program provide cadets an opportunity to apply leadership skills, interact with highly skilled and experienced Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and drill sergeants, and improve common task skill proficiency in an Army training environment. Cadets serve in positions with the cadre of Initial Entry Training (IET) and One-Station Unit Training (OSUT) units -- Basic Training.
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Summer Training Opportunities