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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find a department advisor?

For undergraduate students, department faculty are assigned by the first letter of your last name.


A - D      Ms. ManDee Mason, MATH 345   

E - H      Dr. Thomas Faulkenberry ,MATH 319

I - L       Dr. Amber Bozer, MATH 348

M - P      Dr. Jamie Borchardt, MATH 302

Q - T      Ms. Jennifer Dias, MATH 344

U - Z     Dr. Robert Newby, MATH 301B

Note: Students are encouraged to use Academic Advising Services located in the Thompson Student Center for routine advising needs

Fort Worth

A - Z     Stephanie Schmidt, Dr. Heather Labansat, or Dr. Jonali Baruah


        A - Z     Clinton Dennard or Dr. Kyle Eichas


       A - Z      Michelle Fisher or Carolyn Monk

How do I find a scholarship?
Tarleton has an Office of Scholarships that maintains a website with scholarship resources and information.
When do classes begin?
Check the calendar on the Tarleton homepage, the catalog, or the class schedule.
I am a transfer student. How many hours will transfer into Tarleton's Bachelor of Science Psychology degree program?
The determination of transfer credits is a complex issue and varies from student to student.  You should meet with your advisor to go over your transcript.  He or she will give you some guidance on the courses that are likely to transfer to your degree program.
How long will it take me to graduate?
The answer to this question depends on how many hours you have left to take and how many hours you take in a given semester.  It is best to meet with your advisor to discuss a plan of action.
What is required for membership into Psi Chi?

The Psi Chi Constitution requires that undergraduate student applicants to Psi Chi:

   · Must be enrolled as a student at your school
   · Must have established a GPA at your school
   · Must be at least a second-semester sophomore
   · Must be enrolled as a major or minor in a psychology program or a program psychological in nature that is equivalent to a psychology major
   · Must have completed at least 9 semester hours or 14 quarter hours of psychology courses
   · Must have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of their class based on rankings within sophomore, within junior, and within senior classes (if the cut-off for the top 35% is below 3.00, the applicant must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale)
   · Must have a psychology GPA that is at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale

* Undergraduate transfer students who wish to join an established chapter must complete at least 12 semester hours (or the quarter equivalent) at the new institution unless the Psi Chi chapter has a transfer student policy that articulates clear alternative criteria, yet still conforms to the national standards regarding hours. The national standards regarding hours are that the student must have completed 36 semester hours of college credit (or the quarter equivalent) and 9 semester hours of psychology (or the quarter equivalent).

The Psi Chi Constitution requires that graduate student applicants to Psi Chi:

      · Must be enrolled as a graduate student at your school in a psychology graduate program

      · Must have established a GPA at your school

      · Must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale in all graduate courses, including psychology courses

** Graduate students who have transferred to a new institution and are interested in becoming a Psi Chi member must complete one semester at the new institution to establish a GPA in addition to the above requirements.

How do I appeal a grade?
The department has a written policy for appealing a grade.  Academic Appeals Policy.
How can I find information about textbooks?

Go to the campus bookstore online to get a listing of required course textbooks.  Follow the link "Buy your textbooks online today!" to view the listing.  You do not have to purchase your books through the campus bookstore.  

If you purchase your textbooks from the campus bookstore and do not attend classes in Stephenville, call 254-968-9006 to arrange delivery to the Hickman Building in Fort Worth and to McClennan Community College in Waco.

What is an Online Completion Degree?

For students who transfer to Tarleton as "core complete", the Online Completion Degree offers an opportunity to take all remaining courses online.

All Psychology majors are required to take the following courses:

PSYC 3301 The Psychology of Learning

PSYC 3307 Human Lifespan

PSYC 3309 Writing in Psychology

PSYC 3330 Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PSYC 3345 Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences

PSYC 4320 History of Psychology

PSYC 4350 Senior Capstone

Adv. Psychology Elective -- 3 hours

Additionally, majors must choose from the following selections:

PSYC 3303, 3305, 3311, or 3320 -- 3 hours

PSYC 3310, 3350, or 4301 -- 6 hours

PSYC 3360, 4302, 4305, or 4310 -- 6 hours

PSYC 3332, 4303, or 4312 -- 3 hours

Electives -- 6 hours (May be Psychology or other discipline)

All of these courses will be offered online.  The online program fee will be charged to those students choosing to enroll in Distance Learner sections.