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Research & Service

Dr. Steve Simpson, Ed.D.

My research interests are in various areas of Sports Medicine. I am interested in including and mentoringSimpson graduate students in the Tarleton Sports Medicine Program. I also try to cross over and include faculty from other departments with similar interests. Research areas include: Variations in Mood States During a Football Season, Correlation's Between Mood Scores and Volleyball Performance, Conditioning in Injured and Disabled Populations, The Psycle and ACL Rehabilitation, Unloaded Treadmill Training Therapy, The Effects of Combined Electromyostimulation and Isotonic Muscular Contractions on the Strength of College Athletes, Supplemental EMS and Dynamic Weight Training Effects on Knee Extensor Strength and Vertical Jump of Female College Track & Field Athletes, Improved Exercise Capacity of Paraplegics During Unassisted Leg Cycling on an Energy-Storage Ergometer, Basketball Performance as a Function of Scores on Profile Mood States, Personality Profile of Non-scholarship College Football Players, Scores on Profile of Mood States of College Football Players from Non-scholarship and Scholarship Programs, The Effects of Participation in Physical Education Activities on Components of Health Related Physical Fitness, Modalities in Athletic Training, and Multiple Portable Electrical Stimulator Use.
Service areas include: Director of Tarleton Summer Learn-to Swim Program; Director of Tarleton Sports Medicine Workshop; Director of Tarleton Sports Medicine Speaker Series; NCAA Drug Testing Site Coordinator; First Aid and CPR Instructor.

Dr. Joe Priest, Ed.D.

My research efforts involve students, faculty, and outside agencies. My primary objective is to engage priest undergraduate students in identifying problems, developing plans and procedures, collecting data and analyzing data. Our collaboration involves faculty from the Department of Kinesiology, faculty from other departments at Tarleton State University, as well as outside agencies. This collaboration has resulted in 28 peer-reviewed publications and 40 student-led presentations at state and national conferences. Most of our research activities investigate effective methods of measuring and improving health and motor performance in individuals with and without impaired motor abilities. In classroom and laboratory studies, students are prepared to enter professional careers in health, fitness, rehabilitation, as well as cardiac care.

Service areas include: Director of the Wellness and Motor Behavior Laboratory. The Wellness and Motor Behavior Laboratory is a supervised physical training facility provided for students and community with special needs.

Dr. Jennifer Blevins-McNaughton, Ph.D.

My primary research interest is in evaluating exercise testing and prescription outcomes in chronic disease and  in occupational settings. Presentations and publications I have published in this area have focused on determining: the extent to which exercise cardiorespiratory variables may be altered in those with obstructive sleep apnea; the effects of weight loss on obstructive sleep apnea risk; and how minor changes in programming may improve occupational health outcomes in service professions. I have extensive experience training and mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students on various research projects, as well as serving as a committee chair and member on graduate thesis projects. I have served as a director of two successful blevinsclinical stress testing and fitness labs in which undergraduate and graduate students were responsible for administering clinical stress tests, health and fitness tests and prescribing exercise for local fire and police departments. My goal is to create this type of environment a reality at Tarleton. I have made several commitments with local health care professionals from the community in order to establish just such a lab at Tarleton. I have served as faculty sponsor for exercise science clubs, graduate program coordinator, internship coordinator, as well as on three nationally recognized ACSM certifications including the ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist®, ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist®, and the ACSM Program Director. I am currently training students in the Department of Kinesiology to obtain the ACSM Health Fitness Specialist® Certification. My most recent grants and contracts have examined the effect of exercise training and weight loss on obstructive sleep apnea risk.

Dr. Joe Gillespie, Ed.D.

My primary research and service interests lie in the area of youth fitness. I have published and presented in thisGillespie area and I am known state wide for our partnership with the Stephenville ISD and the Fitnessgram test administration. This partnership, which now has existed for over 20 years, is one of the longest running university-public school partnerships in Texas.

Service areas include: Serves as member of the Stephenville ISD School-Health Advisory Council, the Strategic Planning Committee and has served 14 years as a member of the Stephenville ISD Board of Trustees.