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TMATE Registration Information


Student makes APPLICATION to the TMATE program

Has PASSED content exam:
  • Must meet TMATE admission requirements
Has NOT passed content exam:
  • Can take the content exam by PACT if they have a degree.
  • Cannot take a test by PACT if they are already in the SBEC system (have been issued a TEA ID#).
  • Can no longer take a test by PACT once they are "admitted" to the TMATE program.
  • Can be given approval by Tarleton to take a test once they are "admitted" to the TMATE program, have taken the Representative Form (practice test), attended the review, and have met any other test preparation requirements as determined by the program.


The website to register for a PACT test is  Please go to Registration for a PACT exam for instructions.

Please contact the TMATE office if you have questions about your status in the program.


TExES Test Schedule for 2013-2014 TMATE Interns A TMATE student who is hired as a teacher of record and is issued a probationary certificate by Tarleton MUST follow this test schedule and adhere to ALL DEADLINES.
2013-2014 TMATE TExES Test Approval Request Form This form MUST be submitted to the appropriate TMATE office by the deadline in Section C on the form.